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I am a 21 year old girl who loves to tie dye. I started this business Freshman year of college in my dorm room.  I am so stoked to meet all of you who decide to come join the fun and learn how to tie dye!

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Come join the fun and experience the Tie Dye Studio. We offer tie dye parties in our studio. The Tie Dye Studio is a hands-on do it yourself studio. We offer an organized, fun and colorful space for our customers to create one of a kind wearable items. Perfect for family activities, play dates, senior outings, team bonding, birthday parties, girls night out, fundraisers, etc. Each customer selects their item and colors then starts dying! We have a shop full of tie dye products that you can buy already dyed, tie dye supplies, different clothing brands, tapestries, stationary, hats, jewelry, salt lamps, and more! 

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Tie Dye Studio Packages

Tie Dye Birthday Party

Walk-In Tie Dye Experience

Reserved party area for up to 2 hours!

Tables to set up decor, presents, and food!

Dedicated staff member to help through the whole tie dye process!

Up to 6 colors and everything you need to Tie Dye!

We can cater pizza or bring your own food and drinks!

Flexible Time Frames.

Up to 20 colors to choose from!

Choose between a tee shirt, bandana, pillow cases, tea towels, or socks.

Fun, colorful meeting space!

Bring your own food and drinks!

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Want to book a tie dye event? 

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