Everything Tie Dye!

Shop all of our tie dye goodies! Everything is tied and dyed in store by us!
Gray Rainbow Tie Dye Tee/Crop from $20.00
Sunburst Tie Dye Bandana Sold Out
Black Middle Rainbow Tie Dye Tee T-Shirt Shirt from $20.00
4 Swirl Tie Dye Tapestry $40.00
Ocean Swirl Tie Dye Tapestry $30.00
Gray Rainbow Tapestry Sold Out
Rainbow Swirl Tapestry $30.00
Flower Mandala Tie Dye Bandana $10.00
Blue Sky Tie Dye Tee from $20.00
Gray Rainbow Spider Tie Dye Tee/Crop from $20.00
Mushroom Tie Dye Bandana $10.00
Heart Tie Dye Tee from $20.00
Bulls Eye Tie Dye Bandana $10.00
Swirl Tie Dye Onesie Sold Out
Henna Kit Sold Out
Tie Dye Design Book $8.99
Three Leaf Clover Tie Dye Tee Shirt from $20.00
Heart Onesie Sold Out
Rainbow Crop Tie Dye Long-Sleeve $25.00
Camo Tie Dye Kit $11.99
Walk In Bandana $10.00
Walk In Socks $10.00
Walk In Pillowcase $20.00
Mandala/Lotus Tie Dye Tee Shirt from $20.00
Geode Ice Dye Tee from $25.00
Tie Dye Scrunchy Sold Out
Cross Long Sleeve Tee $25.00
Christmas Tree Tie Dye Tee from $20.00
UFO Ice Dye Tee from $35.00
UFO Mini Tapestry $35.00
Chiefs Tie Dye Tee from $20.00
Mandala Colorful Tapestry $50.00
Over the Rainbow Tie Dye Tee Shirt from $20.00
Cactus Tie Dye Tee Shirt from $20.00
Cross Tie Dye Tapestry $30.00
Long sleeve Swirl Tie Dye Tee from $25.00
Tie Dye Bucket Hats Sold Out
Sunflower Tie Dye Tee from $20.00
Yin & Yang Tie Dye Tee from $20.00
Colorful Vertical Tie Dye Tee from $20.00
Gold Ribbon Tie Dye Tee Shirt from $20.00
Teal Sweater + Short Set Sold Out
Rainbow Swirl Sweatshirt + Short Set Sold Out
Tie Dye Diaper Covers $6.00
Tie Dye Mandala Tapestry $30.00