Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process take?
Do I have to come back and pick up my tie dye creations?
Do I need to make a reservation?
How do I schedule a group outing or a party?
What items are available to tie dye?
What ages can tie dye?

For walk ins, we normally can get you and out within 15-35minutes. Times vary depending on customer count, creativity, and creation detail.

No, we will bag your items with after care instructions and a special detergent to use for the first wash. All items have to sit for 24 hours before washing.

No, you do not need to make a reservation for walk-ins. We can accommodate multiple small groups at a time. We do appreciate call aheads if you have a group size of five or more. During our busy times, we ask for patience as we get groups in and out. We are busiest on Saturday's so call aheads are great. For groups of 10 or more who want to have food, present opening, and an extended stay, we ask that you book your party ahead of time. We suggest calling 1-2 weeks ahead as our weekends fill up the fastest.

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ALL ages are welcome! We have had as young as a 2 year old tie dye and they did just fine. No matter if you are a toddler or elderly, you can do it!