How It Works

The first and foremost thing you need to know is that within 15-30minutes you will be able to walk out of our store with your item. That’s right, a fully set creation with no need to wait. Leave with it at the end of the process, no need to return.

There is only one catch, but we think you can handle it, your item will be slightly damp upon leaving our store. You will have to do ONE more thing when you get home. Simply, throw it in the wash, with our “special detergent” & dry. *Must sit in bag for 24 hours before washing.

Times vary depending on customer count, creativity, and creation detail. See the steps you go through to make your very own custom tie dye shirts!

  • Pick Your Item
  • Choose Your Design & Dyes
  • Tie Your Design (We fold for you unless you ask to fold yourself)
  • Color Your Design
  • When You’re Done, Our Staff Will Prepare And Set Your Item To Get It Ready For The Rinse Out Process
  • While Staff Preps Your Items, Hang Out, Play Some Board Games Or Draw On Our Huge Chalkboard Wall!
  • Your Item Goes In A Bag With Your “Secret Detergent” And Finishing Instructions
  • YOU’RE DONE! All You Have To Do Is Wash & Dry Your Item in 24 hours!
  • Wear your one of a kind cool design!