Tie Dye Studio Party Prices

Pricing is determined by the number and type of items selected to tie dye. Parties are for ALL ages!

Size of parties: Our party area is perfect of groups of 8 – 35. If you plan on having more than 35 party goers, contact us for options.

What’s included in a tie dye party?

  • Party area for up to 2 hours.
  • Tables to set up décor, presents and food.
  • Designated staff members to show your party goers how to tie and dye their items.

What to expect:

  • Staff will walk everyone through the Tie Dye process, which takes between 20 – 30 minutes (depends on group size, age and other factors). Staff will fold all items in desired designs then walk each person through the dying process. 
  • There is down time, so bring something for the party goers to do! Eat pizza or cupcakes, open presents, play games (we encourage you to bring a favorite party game), socialize, etc. The party goers can even to leave the studio to grab dinner at one of our local restaurants. Upon your return, all items will be ready to go!
  • Once items are ready, staff will bag item with wash-out instructions and special detergent to take home and wash. WASH AFTER 24 HOURS!

Your Responsibilities:

  • For food/décor items, we recommend supplying 1 or 2 tablecloths, as well as paper goods for consumption.
  • Our staff will clean up the tie dye mess, but we ask that food, décor, and any other items leave when the party is over.
  • There will be some downtime that will require some planned activities on your part. We do have some board games but please bring some extra activities!
  • HAVE FUN AND RELAX! Parties usually last 1.5 hours. The tie dying is quick! :)

To Book a party:

  • Go to www.indigotiedye.com
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the home page and fill out all of the information.
  • Pick your preferred date(s), time(s), colors and item(s). Your Information will be sent out to Indigotiedyecompany@yahoo.com and we will get back to you!

Price List:
All Year Round Items:

  • $7 Scrunchies
  • $10 Socks
  • $10 Bandana
  • $15 Tote Bag
  • $18 Bucket Hat
  • $15 Drawstring backpack
  • $15 Baby onesies
  • $20 pillowcases 2 for $35
  • $20 Toddler Tee shirts
  • $24 Short sleeve Tee Shirts (S-XL)
  • $26 Short sleeve Tee Shirts 2X-3X 
  • $20 Youth Apron
  • $25 Adult Apron
  • $40 40x90 Tapestries

Summer Seasonal Items:

  • $20 unisex Tank Top 2X $22
  • $20 Womens Tank Top 2x + $22
  • $20 Halter crop Tops
  • $25 Youth Dresses
  • $35 Adult Tee Shirt Dress
  • $40 Adult maxi Dress

Winter Seasonal Items:

  • $25 Youth Long Sleeve Tee Shirts
  • $30 Long Sleeve Tee Shirts
  • $40 Sweatshirts
  • $55 Hoodies